Desires and Hopes at St. Mark’s

School is on the verge of starting. People will be coming back from summer visits and vacations. Renewal and rededication are always good experiences as people rejoin us in worship and prayer at St. Mark’s.

We are a church with a mission and we are staying the course with our various outreach efforts. We continue to do God’s work here in our community.

A Bible study is starting September 21 in the Church Annex at 1:30 p.m. We look forward to learning and sharing with each other. Everyone is invited!

At St. Mark’s we want:

  • An atmosphere of grace rather than judgement.
  • Orthodox, historic Christian beliefs with an open minded spirit.
  • A healthy balance between faith of the head and faith of the heart.
  • A rich diversity of theological, social and political beliefs.
  • Concern for both evangelism and social justice.
  • Affirmation of gender equality at home, church and in society.
  • Acceptance of seekers and doubters and their questions.
  • A blend of ancient, traditional and modern expressions of worship.

Offering a vibrant, open-minded, grace-filled congregation at St. Mark’s is our desire and hope.

Remember…Bible study on September 21 and 28.


Pastor Bob