Community of Healing

Summertime and the living is easy or so they say. God certainly continues to bless us in many ways as we make good effort to live our lives the way he has shown us. He wants us to be agents of healing for others as we share his word.

Today, people are being drawn to their inner (spiritual) lives and are finding God there. Jesus preached about community where healing–spiritual, physical, and social– could take place. He told His critics He had come to be a physician not to the righteous people alone, but to those who were sick. Jesus told how He was creating a diverse community to include all those who were doing God’s will including sinners and tax collectors. Because healing communities are functioning in the real world of changing conditions with diversity of various kinds, they can use their experiences for healing past wounds as they sport new growth.

The writer, Margaret Komfield has given us a number of characteristics for working in the healing community which is our local church here at St. Mark’s. They incude the notion that people need each other and that we live in systems where we are connected to one another. She further indicates her belief that individuals are to be respected with all their diversity. These sound like things worthy of our consideration as we continue to keep strong our good works and our faith.

May God’s blessings continue to be yours.

Pastor Bob