Love our Neighbor

What is our world coming to? There seems to be a significant amount of turmoil as we view terrorism both domestic and overseas, as well as unsettled times here in America in terms of the direction of our own country.

It is believed that the intent of God’s law is to love our neighbor as ourselves regardless of where they are located. Spending and sending a few cents per dose for basic medicine to heal simple but deadly diseases of poor children and to share our abundance of food with the hungry are two ways we can help some of our neighbors scattered here and there.

Our independence in this country is truly a blessing. Freedom of worship and freedom from oppression continue to be paramount in our way of life. Let us, at every opportunity, give thanks to our brave men and women who are now serving and have served in the past in our military and other hazardous lines of endeavor to keep our country safe and secure.

Let us journey on together as we seek to be the best informed citizen’s we can be.

Pastor Bob