Many Blessings of Jesus

Crisp, bright days are upon us and to me that seems a great blessing from the Lord. What a beautiful world our Creator has given us along with His love and our ability to give and receive His love and give our love to others.

As we study the word of God, our hearts continue to be gladdened. The gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, is truly God’s greatest gift to us.

The Apostle John, in his gospel, tells us of the divine origin of Jesus as the Son of God. One goal of the Gospel of John is to prove to us conclusively that Jesus is the Son of God and all of us, who believe in Him, will be with the Lord in Heaven throughout eternity. John sees Jesus as both part God and part human being.

John describes a number of miracles as poof of Jesus’ divine powers. Among others he tells of the turning water into wine at the wedding at Cana, feeding five thousand with a few loaves and fishes and walking on water in the Sea of Galilee. The greatest sign of all is the resurrection. John gives a moving account of finding the empty tomb. He then gives us a description of the appearance of Christ after He arises from the tomb. All in all, John gives us a powerful look at Jesus Christ, the loving Son of God.

May God’s blessings continue to be with you.

Pastor Bob