The Essence of Knowing God

With the passing of Easter we continue to realize how blessed we are as children of God. God sent part of himself, his Son, Jesus Christ, to show us how to live in His Way and to atone for our sins. Atonement is the essence of knowing God. He takes care of us whether we are rich or poor. Like Paul, we can learn how to live whether we have plenty or little.

How does Jesus’ blood relate to the new covenant? In the old covenant, those who lived before Jesus could approach God only through a Priest and with animal sacrifice. Now we can all come directly to God through faith because Jesus’ death made up acceptable in God’s eyes. Jesus was a sinless sacrifice so that our sins could be forgiven. All who believe in Jesus receive that forgiveness.

From animal sacrifice to the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ, we as children of God, have evolved spiritually to the point of where we have the choice of following in the footsteps of Jesus as He healed, taught, encouraged and loved all those with whom He came in contact. Let us continue to be servants of the Lord!

Pastor Bob