Upcoming Educational Activities

Ongoing Christian classes and other activities are a vital part of our church’s mission for Christ, so I am devoting these notes to the theme of learning opportunities at St. Mark’s.

Currently, we are getting ready to launch into summer at St. Mark’s as we make plans for some of our upcoming educational programs including this Fall’s Bible Study.

Recently we have ben blessed with the addition of three young children in our congregation along with one other preschool age youngster who has been attending our worship service. Planning is underway for the Christian Education these young people deserve.

As we know, God does things His way and in His time. The seasons come along in great fashion. The lilac bushes are about to blossom out with a wonderful aroma. The leaves on the trees are coming to full size and the lawns are generous with green grass.

Natural disasters are not our choice, but they do happen. Let us keep the Oklahoma City people and surrounding suburbs in our prayers. May healing and restoration come to that area.

Pastor Bob